Ducks, Dogs and a Helicopter

With a bright but cool August morning, I venture with a new lens I've been wanted to test for a while. The quirky Tamron B008 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 II PZD VC Di Lens.

While on our way to the recreation ground, an air ambulance approached and presented the perfect opportunity to test the lens at its maximum focal length of 270mm. Here's what I shot:

Air ambulance
Air ambulance over Godmanchester this morning

We cut through St Mary's church and with the strong morning light I was able to take some variable focal length shot of the church and the spire as well of some sun flares.

Over the rec we bumped in Daisy and her owner, and Coco and Daisy had fun running around together, chasing balls and digging holes.

Coco and Daisy over the rec
Coco and Daisy over the rec

On our way back home, the swans made an appearance under the Chinese bridge towards along the causeway. The sun was directly towards me but I took the shot and got most of the family in some interesting light. I was glad to have the lens hood attached.

We walked along The Causeway and watched the swans, ducks and seagull for a while. Until Coco's boredom fully set-in and we headed home.

A beautiful morning with interesting subjects photographed with a capable lens. It's lack of sharpness at the higher focal lengths is disappointing, but the huge range this lens offers is useful.

View the full image gallery from this morning here.


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